Continental Divide Thru-Hike – A Journey For The Kids

About the CDT



This link will bring you to an info page about the CDT. All info on this page was taken from this webpage.

he Continental Divide National Scenic Trail (CDNST) is one of the most significant trail systems in the world. Established by Congress in 1978, it spans 3,100 miles between Mexico and Canada, traverses five states and connects countless communities along its spine. Over the past 30 years it has gradually assumed a marked physical shape; and preserves and celebrates an opportunity for adventure and history with one of the most significant features on our planet.

Here is an interactive map from the


Estimated miles in each state;

  1. Montana/Idaho – 980 estimated miles, 350 miles to be completed
  2. Wyoming – 550 estimated miles, 80 miles to be completed
  3. Colorado – 800 estimated miles, 200 miles to be completed
  4. New Mexico – 775 estimated miles, 125 miles to be completed


Interesting facts about the CDT;

  • Travels from Canada to Mexico through 25 National Forests, 21 Wilderness Areas, 3 National Parks, 1 National Monument, 8 BLM Resource Areas and through Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico
  • The Highest point on the CDNST is Grays Peak in Colorado (14,270 feet) and the lowest is along Waterton Lake in Glacier National Park in Montana ( 4,200 feet).
  • The CDNST is one of the most significant Trail Systems in the world. It stretches 3,100 miles along the spine of the Great Continental Divide from Canada to Mexico and provides access to some of the most wild and scenic places left in the world while promoting conservation of the environment and physical health and well being.


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