Continental Divide Thru-Hike – A Journey For The Kids

Leadore, ID to Sula, MT – Lewis and Clark – August 13 to August 18, 2015


The landscape of this area of the CDT was similar to the previous section, however, there were more trees giving me relief from the intense sun.


I hiked to area called Lemhi Pass.

This was the last water stop for 25 miles.  There was a historical landmark of the Lewis and Clark expedition at this location.


Just like Meriwether Lewis I was able to straddle the great Missouri River.

IMG_20150813_132133803 (1)

The spring coming out of the ground at this location is the headwaters of the Missouri River.

While on my journey I was able to stand next to the head waters of the Rio Grande River, the Colorado River, the Green River and now the Missouri River.


This specific site is dedicated to Sacagawea, the female Indian guide of the Shoshone Indian Tribe who made the Lewis and Clark expedition a success.  She died at the early age of 25.



The trail continued to follow the Montana/Idaho state border and several survey stakes dotted the trail.  I summited several mountains and came across several beautiful alpine lakes.  Unfortunately, there were wildland fires in the area so the distant landscape was clouded with smoke.  Next to my last day there were actually airplanes and helicopters flying overhead.



Once again I have been hiking by myself and I have not seen anybody in 4 days.  I am now in a small town called Sula where the grocery store, restaurant and lodging are all in one establishment.  The hike has been brutally hard and despite how far I have gone the end seems so far away.  Pray for my safe completion, I will need it.

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