Continental Divide Thru-Hike – A Journey For The Kids

Lima, MT to Leadore, ID – August 9 to August 12, 2015


Lima to Leadore was a hundred mile section that I completed in 4 days.  I love the adventure but I’m really looking forward to getting home and starting my retirement life with Karen.   As physically demanding as this adventure has been on me it has been emotionally tough on Karen.  Lima much like Leadore was a train stop in the old west.  In Lima trains would actually turn around and head back in the direction they had come.  Today it is a small town of just over a hundred people.


Fortunately, the hotel I stayed at picked me up at the pass outside of town and were kind enough to take me back the following day.  It was raining hard the day I left to return to the trail, but I wanted to stay on schedule so I headed out anyway.



It still amazes me how the landscape changes from one destination to another.  The mountains north of Lima looked like they were covered in felt.  The hiking was a series of ups and downs through the mountains and it followed the Idaho/Montana border.  It felt wild and remote and I saw no other people other than a few day hikers and southbound CDT hikers.  I ran into a herd of elk that numbered in the hundreds.  It was like watching an elk migration.



I camped at a remote lake called Dead Man Lake at a very picturesque campsite.  When I got to Leadore, Idaho, Sam who owns the Leadore Inn picked me up at the pass and took me to town.  He explained the history of the town and how the steam engines traveled to Leadore. The picture I took of the sign at the pass explains a little bit of the history.


The Leadore Inn was a great place.  Sam the owner was a great guy.  His hobby is wood carving as shown in the pictures.  He only needs a marketing person to help him sell his wood carvings to the public.




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